William Basinki – The Disintegration Loops I – IV (2002-2003) (FLAC)

Artist: William Basinski
Album: The Disintegration Loops
Quality: Lossless FLAC
Released: 2002-2003
Genre: Abstract, Ambient, Minimal
Size: 1070 MB

After having left his recordings on tape to rot for more than 20 years, Basinski finally reused them..the result: a more and more distorted, minimalistic, epic loop, taking the listener to a journy far outside their body..
This may be interpreted as metaphor for men’s life – hundreds and hundreds of the same loop over and over, slowly dissolving – wether you feel or not feel to see it that way is up to you.
Either way: enjoy!


I will soon be adding one single file including all four pieces packed together, for those prefering it that way.


Tim Hecker – Dropped Pianos (2011) (FLAC)

Artist: Tim Hecker
Album: Dropped Pianos
Quality: Lossless FLAC
Released: October 10, 2011
Genre: Electronic, Ambient
Label: Kranky
Size: 134 MB

The source material for Ravedeath 1972, piano driven sketches that had been recorded in 2010.


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